If I Were a 49er: Mining for Gold

Working at Sutter’s Mill is an okay job to me, but now I am heading to other places to pan for gold because the owner just found gold at the mill.  So here I am preparing to go.  I am going tomorrow.  I had better head back home and get some rest.  It is going to. be a long day tomorrow.

Well, now it’s morning.  Better get on the road!  Everything is packed up and ready to go.  It’s a beautiful day.  In fact, a perfect day for traveling.

Oh, I arrived.  I will start panning for gold.  It’s freezing cold water!  Wait!  I found a gold nugget!  Yay!

I had better keep this in a locked box.  Wow, there’s another one.  I’m going to ask the owner if I can buy this land.  There he is.

“Sir, is this land for sale?”

“Yes, it is.”

“How much?”

“Fifty dollars.”

“Here’s fifty dollars.”

Before you leave, let me tell you some facts about mining and gold.  Gold is very valuable and shiny.  Some people can get rich and find lots of gold, but some people spend all their money on supplies and don’t really get rich.

Well, that’s all I have to say for now.  Have a good day.  Over the past few days I had lots of luck.  Now I am rich.  I had better head home.  All the crickets and frogs are making noise tonight.  There’s my house.  I had fun talking to you about the Gold Rush.  See you next time.

Leading Bible Class-Genesis

10 Things to be Happy About My Family

  1.  My dad that I do coins with.
  2. My mom that helps me a lot.
  3. My brother that tickles me a lot.
  4. My cats that snuggle with me.
  5. My dog that feels like a pillow.
  6. My sister that I talk to.
  7. Playing games with them.
  8. Watching a movie together.
  9. Playing with my pets.
  10. Cooking and baking with them.

Night Watchman

Night Watchman


I live in the inky sky.

I listen closely to the night.

I hear raindrops falling.

I am glistening like the stars.

I hear the dogs barking.

I hear the waving water.

I see the glowing blurs.

I hear the rustling leaves.

I sit in the empty sky.

I light up like the lamppost.

I am the night watchman.



Fun, grassy
Ice cream, exploring, metal detecting
Trailer fun, beach fun
Swimming, sledding, golf
Rocky, walking
New Hampshire


Sketchnotes on Heaven for Kids


STEAM Sewing with Mrs. Shedd

Ode to My Granola Bar

Ode to My Granola Bar
(a playful poem)

Oh, the gorgeous chocolate!
Oh, the gorgeous granola!
Oh, the sweetness you have for me.
Mmmmmmm . . . .
You are the light of my day.
The chocolate chips,
The sweetness,
I cannot stop talking about you to all my friends,
Beloved granola bar!

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